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About Us

Our Story


Hagyography is a new education concept which focuses on a customized suite of online visual learning devices for early childhood to middle school children. Primarily, this method consists of unique, "kid-friendly", animated videos compiled from all over the web in order to make a safe space for kids in the crazy world of today.  We preach the virtues of wholesome childhood fun and learning... at the same time!

Our carefully collected library of public videos will be grouped by theme and subject, so children not only learn basics like numbers, letters and manners, but also how to navigate a safe, family friendly website. All content features unobtrusive, yet unmistakable, Christian influence as well.  Wouldn't it be nice to know you could leave your child to browse at least one website without the risk of encountering questionable content?  We think so!

The company ownership, whose training is in elementary and religious education, feels that much has been lost in these tumultuous times. A return to traditional mores and methods will be regularly celebrated and promoted by Hagyography, whose message is one of inclusiveness and open-mindedness, but also one of self respect and reverence to history. 

These are times of great media and political influence, for better or worse. We fear there has been a certain erosion of traditional values. We'd like to be known as the 'go-to' website for conservative parents who want to ensure an free-thinking, unbiased, learning experience rooted in pride, and completely in line with these families' own values and beliefs.  Our number one goal is to help you raise healthy, happy, well adjusted children of strong moral fiber.

The Future


We are planning some wonderful things for Hagyography as the company grows.  In addition to creating a safe space for kids to learn and laugh, we will also implementing a Parents' Corner, where we'll feature handy parenting tips, questions & answers, interviews, news and much more.

Attention Educators!


Another area we plan on getting into before the end of 2018 is educational consulting.  Teachers shape the minds and lives of their students, but sometimes even teachers need a helping hand, or a sympathetic ear.  Hagyography hopes to fill that need for all those seeking such services.