Traditional Learning For Modern Times.

Launch Day!

After a busy few months we are pleased to announce the imminent launch of Hagyography, a website for learning and teaching alike! Here at Hagyography we believe in taking it slow, so our visitors will not be bombarded with content right away. We like to think of this place as a classroom. Do teachers cram in a year's worth of work on the first day of school?  Heck no! 

So we'll unveil different parts of our website piece by piece, as we embark on this journey of discovery together!

To celebrate our big day we debuted our first commercial in Times Square, NYC, hoping to reach as many people as possible.  More importantly, thought, we wanted something really cool and unique for all you moms, dads and kids to enjoy together!  Check it out below!

We're Blown Away!

This is just a friendly statement from Hagyography's A+ Team, so we can say thank you to everyone who's shown their support during our startup phase.  The media response has been absolutely overwhelming, beginning with coverage by FOX and other affiliates throughout the country, as well as Yahoo! and countless others, and culminating in the tremendous billboard announcements with which we've been so richly blessed.  

What started as a small-town elementary educator's passion project has grown into a truly grand opportunity, which we will not squander.  We believe Hagyography has the ability to redefine childhood entertainment, education and interaction.  Whether we like it or not, kids are going to use computers, iPads... even cell phones, as they get older.  While there are certain things as a parent or teacher that you cannot control, there are more things you can control.  Hagyography aims to work with parents and children alike in realizing this.

Through our collection of faith and family friendly videos, cartoons and more, we will begin building in earnest what we expect tp be a true game changer... we love making kids laugh!

Learn More

We don't intend to bombard our visitors with our agenda and content, so stick with us and you'll be a part of our lesson plan as it in unfolds in chapters.

Blast Off!

Check out our first ever commercial, which debuted on August 3, 2019 in one of the busiest places in the world.  We are so grateful to have been blessed with such opportunity.  Our aim is to make a difference in the lives of as many kids and parents as we can. Enjoy our big launch... literally!

Hit the Ground Running!

Here's the same commercial as above, but instead of being designed for the super cool Times Square billboards, it's set for standard viewing on your favorite devices!  We hope you like it!